Tuesday, October 12, 2010

July to now SLC to Fort Worth

Warning to the wise this might be a long post....Don't say I didn't warn you.
As you all know Ben and I got Married about 3 months ago. Yeah! We have survived three months without killing each other. just kidding. We had an amazing honeymoon to Las Vegas (thanks Aunt Joy) and then we made our way up to Jackson Hole (Thanks Natalie and Gramps). It was the best week of our lives. The Wedding was prefect and went off without any problems. We had so many people that came in from out of town (Thanks Lee, Eric, Rickie, Nina, TIM, Lucy, Marilyn Dick, Casey Jones, Aaron, Cam and Shai, Andrea, Brittany and Dave. I don't think I missed anyone: It meant a lot to us for you guys to come). Everyone who came made the wedding a night to remember. So Thanks everyone who came.

After the honeymoon was over and the guests had gone home...Ben and I started to talk about doing traveling Nursing so that we could travel around (vacation) and work at the same. This is something I have wanted to do since I graduated from nursing school. So to have Ben on board I was excited. We started to list the places we WOULD go. Of Course on the top of the list was Hawaii. But we had other places on there like Portland, Seattle, Florida, Dallas, Napa Valley. We wanted to go to fun places and places we might know someone. Well after discussing we applied for a job in Cleubrne Texas. It is about 33 miles outside of Fort Worth. And to my surprise we got the job and they said come down in two weeks. So that is what Ben and I did. We packed up our house we put our stuff in storage, loaded down the cars and we drove to Fort Worth.

Ben and I took three days to drive to Fort Worth. We Went through Denver then Amarillo and off to Fort Worth. We were greeted in Fort Worth (Where we are living because Cleburne is a small farm town) by his good friend Cam. Who helped us move in. My Agency pays for a furnished apartments which we were stoked about. but the bad part was the boys had to carry the boxes to the 3rd floor UGH!. To our surprise our apartment is super nice/cozy and we are happy to be here trying something new.
Ben started his job with Diamond Wireless last week and he is already loving it. Ben is working in a mall in Arlington sell cell phones. He is working with his friends Cam and Dan. I will start orientation tomorrow. I am nervous but I think I will be fine. I will keep everyone post on how it goes. I am back to working nights but I think I can handle that. If I am getting travel and have a great place to stay, I can handle working nights for 3 months. Oh yeah, that is what everyone is asking......My contract is 13 weeks longs. Which at the end of the 13 weeks we can move to the next place (Florida) or we can extend her in the Fort Worth Dallas area. Ben is already wanting to extend, but I told him we will cross that bridge when we get there. lol
I am finally starting to get around Fort Worth/Dallas without having a panic attack. These freeways/highways/expressways/tollways. I never know where I am. Thank goodness for the google maps on my cell phone I would be going crazy (literally) without it.

Well now that I have talked everyone's ears off have a good day and I hope this answers everyone's questions.

Katrina Wolfenbarger


Amander said...

I didn't know you were considering leaving after 3 months - that's kind of cool to be able to move somewhere different every few months.

I'm definitely going to miss you guys at family parties, though!